A Letter From CEO

Bobby Varanasi


The digitalised world is ever-evolving where digital assets are experiencing exponential growth making it the next big thing. Digital Assets are borderless and aren’t bound to a certain region.

This means that everyone from anywhere is able to chip in on your projects thus revolutionizing the way of investment plus permitting the business to expand and leverage on an international level. It became such a hot topic that we kept discussing among us the way to properly exploit the potential of digital assets.

Our answer is TRETA, a new age Digital Currency Exchange platform registered in Australia allowing the public to trade and buy digital assets using crypto. It is our motto to either go big or go home thus TRETA aims to be the largest Digital Currency Exchange in APAC by 2025 with advanced functionality on the TRETA platform.

In order to get there, TRETA will democratise access to the digital assets market for investors and companies globally.
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