Team & Advisory

Joseph is a natural entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Quoqqa Pty Ltd and Founder of Kerjaya Pty Ltd as well as one of the early adopters in crypto space & blockchain technology.
Joseph is also a tech enthusiast and a self-taught blockchain enthusiast with 5 years of dedication to Blockchain technology including ASIC mining ICO projects and digital exchange mechanisms such as OTC & day trading.
A natural leader with operational expertise & strategic mindset with more than 10 years in a management role. Currently working on numerous projects in IT, Entertainment, Engineering & Construction industry.

Bobby Varanasi
CEO of Treta
Bobby is explicitly acknowledged as one of the Top 20 Global Leaders for "Future of Work”, “Business Strategy" and "Change Management" by Thinkers 360; one of the Top 25 "Globalization Powerhouse Leaders" by Globalization Today; and one of Top 50 Global Leaders for "Digital Disruption" by Thinkers 360.
Bobby too has attained many awards namely the Excellence in Leadership & Outsourcing (2016, 2015 and 2014, by Asia Outsourcing Congress, India); Golden Globe Tiger Awards for Leadership & Outsourcing (2015, by World CSR Day, APAC); Member of the Year (2012, by IAOP, USA)
Other than that, he too is the Founder of Matryzel Consulting an independent advisory firm that has been acknowledged as one of the World's "Best of the Best Outsourcing Advisory Firms", and one of top 20 best outsourcing advisory firms for three years in a row (2013, 2014 & 2015).

Mohd Redzuan Devan Abdullah
COO of Treta
Mr Redzuan is a former Citibank AML Program Director for the Asia Pacific and Group COO of Kenanga Investment Bank. He has successfully completed projects on Risk Management, Compliance, Anti Money laundering as well as feasibility studies for software suitability and the acquisition of a large IT outsourcing company.

Sylvester Lee
CTO of Treta
Sylvester has been in the IT industry for 14 years and is a founder of Verificer a B2B blockchain solution company operating in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong that specialises in corporate product provenance, tracking, audit, collector of supply chain data for machine learning to provide a forecast, corporate credit scoring, and leveraging on blockchain to achieve zero-knowledge proof to support the bank in credit risk assessment and provide supply chain finance to SMEs.
He had mastered and built Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Capacity and Raft consensus algorithm blockchain protocols from scratch by using C# alongside a team of elite programmers, and owned 7 blockchain-related patents in China.
At the moment he is too, leading a team of blockchain programmers that focuses on mastering and enhancing Quorum technology to support project needs for smart contract capability.

John Lim
CMO of Treta
John Lim has been engaging with the communications industry for more than a decade, producing creative works for brands like 3M, Antabax, Malaysia Purple League, Mitsubishi Motors and more. A creative businessman decided to take a leap into the crypto world in 2020 during the pandemic.
There are many different businesses that he was involved in, ranging from FMCGs, entertainment to tech. Experienced in brand management, business development, video production, digital marketing, and community outreach.

Mirza Mahfuza
CIO of Treta
A graduate in Software Engineering, Master's degree in Computer Science and A running Researcher PhD holder in Information Technology. Experienced in Software Development with expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of systems. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set. Her interest is in the Information Technology sector and has worked on multiple projects that cover areas like crypto projects, blockchain tech projects, web development, digital communication and service development. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate as part of a productive team. She brings first-hand understanding a of the microfinance industry with outstanding coordination and interpersonal skills including technology and strategic planning.

Azizi Khan
Director of Compliance
Azizi has over three decades experience in technology with the primary focus in regulatory industry and banking. Azizi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zalena, a global digital banking startup based in Melbourne, Australia currently in the process of applying for banking licenses. He was the former Senior Vice President at AmBank Group (ANZ Australia affiliate bank) focusing on of business and digital technologies. Co-Founder GovReports Australia.
Azizi is also an Australian citizen having spent a large portion of his professional career working for Australian banks such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Macquarie Bank, other smaller financial institutions and fintechs. Azizi has extensive experience in compliance, risk and regulatory reporting projects.
Azizi uses his experience and expertise to advice startup companies and fin techs on compliance and growth strategies, especially under regulated environments.

Jason Lim
Data Analyst
Kenny Lee Legal Advisor Ong Lin Wooi Advisor Jason is currently serving as a Sr. Digital Analyst for a global FMCG dairy producer. The professional specialization includes developing data science solutions, digital consumer marketing, prospecting, intelligence gathering, and due diligence.
He had previously served as a community organizer of Big Data Malaysia, a professional network for individuals with an interest in all aspects of Big Data.
Jason is too a member of the Founder Institute for the Malaysian Chapter, the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program.

Kenny Lee
Legal Advisor
Kenny Lee is a lawyer with over 10 years of experience across corporate and start-up advisory with an in-depth understanding of the Australian business and financial landscape as well as a firm believer that blockchain will be a true gamechanger in how business regulation is managed and run in how we both manage regulation and run businesses.
He is a Co-Founder of Neo Legal, a law firm that specialises in blockchain advisory.
Start-ups and corporates tend to seek out Kenny's advice before starting on their blockchain projects, cryptocurrency funds and exchanges, STO structuring and compliance, digital assets and token economies which encompasses AFSL and ACL licensing, disclosure requirements and ongoing regulatory compliance, including AML/CTF.
Recently, Kenny was appointed to the board of Blockchain Centre, Australia's largest community of blockchain entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, where he continues to advocate for the technology's application across a wide range of business industries.

Ong Lin Wooi
Lin Wooi is the Founder of STO Advisory Sdn Bhd, with significant experience in financial industries for more than 15 years.
He possesses strong business acumen and his entrepreneurial foresight is the key that has assisted numerous clients to establish a solid and sustainable foundation to operate their business on.
The game-changing moment happens back in the year 2017 when he started his Blockchain journey where he assisted his previous company in the planning of the whole initial coin offering all the way from marketing, tokenomics, fundraising, as well as recruitment of advisors.
This has truly inspired him to continue his practice in this space by the advising ICO/STO companies on marketing matters.

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